Fez Guided Tour

Tour Plan

Discover the magic of Fez, witness the fascinating crafts and arts of the people, to witness the beautiful architecture and monuments…

  • Pick up from your accommodation in Fez
  • Embark on a sightseeing tour around Fez
  • Stretch your legs in the Mellah (former Jewish Quarter)
  • Have a guided walking tour through the old Medina of Fez
  • Visit the Chaouara Tanneries, Museums, Funduks…
  • Learn about the history & culture of Morocco

Brief Information

The Grand Tour of the magical city of Fez offers an experience of a lifetime. There is this conserved memory with traditions maintained and renewed, a city growing constantly in a modern way and you find beautiful handicrafts all around the city. All these and many other attributes make Fez a must-visit destination.

The work that we do is strengthened by our love for this cosmopolitan and distinguished city and the joy derived from making others see that too and have the experience of the happiness derived from living in this city.

Fez is considered the spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco and as much as possible you need the perfect tour guide to help you discover this city’s beautiful treasures. The tour will include a tour of Medina’s 9400 streets. We will provide assistance to you in this visit and provide you with the necessary information especially when it comes to the history and significance of certain places, the culture and heritage of the city. Morocco is known for its richness in diversity and for Fez, we will be your local guide and help bridge the gap by interpreting and spoken language and local culture of the people.

Our package includes a complete tour of Fez which includes a walking tour of the Medina and a minibus sightseeing tour of other neighborhoods in Fez.

What we offer you:

Fez Walking/ Sightseeing Tour

This tour comprises of two parts with its itinerary and as much as possible, we will try to complete the mapped out tasks for this private tour; we will also try to consider your preferences. No fears as all our guides speak perfect English. The two parts are:

Walking Tour

A guided walking tour to help you discover Fez’s old city

Sightseeing Tour

When the walking tour is over, you will relax on our minibus as we take you on a tour through the city and visit popular sites located in the surroundings of the city. You will have the opportunity of seeing iconic landmarks of the country.

Places to be visited include:

  • Fez Royal Palace
  • The Jewish Quarter of Fez also called Bab Mellah
  • The Museum of Borj Nord Weapons
  • The Potters’ Quarter

We will end the tour in Bab Oued Zhoun or Place R’Cif or any other place of your choice so that you can continue exploring the city.

Do not miss this opportunity to experience fez on foot and be rest assured that we have the best packages for you.

It is our pleasure to make you discover the magic of this city, witness the fascinating crafts and arts of the people of the city, to witness the beautiful architecture and monuments all around the city and to satisfy your hunger for a fun-filled adventure. We are determined to guide you in your visit to fez and its surroundings and to make you have the best experience you would have wished for and give you that lasting love for the city.